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…Where you can buy hemp clothing that’s beautiful, durable & sustainable!

Cat Stone | Founder of Colorado Hemp ClothingColorado Hemp Clothing was founded by Cat Stone, an entrepreneur with a background in marketing, sales, TV production, graphics & more. She was inspired to start Colorado Hemp Clothing after finding that she and many other people were repeatedly asking: where can I buy hemp clothing that fits my lifestyle? At the time, no one had any answers to that question.

Her first foray into the search for hemp clothing resulted in the purchase of Cat’s first hemp dress. The dress was soft on the skin, durable, stood up to many washings, and had healthful, anti-bacterial qualities as well. But the dress just didn’t fit into her life. Cat wanted sustainable hemp clothing basics to add to her wardrobe…just basic pieces appropriate for the office, the gym, or social events.

After that experience, Cat decided to start her own company and founded Colorado Hemp Clothing. She began designing and selling sustainable hemp clothing in versatile, simple styles appropriate for work environments, social events, and workouts. She started with women’s hemp clothing and introduced a sleek, stylish, cowl-neck hemp shirt for women. Then she branched out into other styles of hemp shirts for women, and then addressed the demand for men’s hemp clothing with new offerings for the guys.

Cowl Neck Women’s Hemp Shirt | Colorado Hemp Clothing

The simple & stylish cowl-neck hemp shirt for women was the first piece of hemp clothing introduced by Colorado Hemp Clothing.

Cat’s career has included working as a marketing manager, operations manager, as a graphic designer, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Evergreen Living Magazine, in Evergreen, Colorado. She earned an Associate of Applied Science in Multimedia Technology, Graphics and Animation from Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado and a Bachelor’s degree in TV production & radio, with a minor in Business Administration from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania.

Regardless of the details that define her professional career path, several common themes and values have driven her life’s direction. Those values and guideliness are woven into the fabric and essence of Colorado Hemp Clothing.

Here’s a look at the key values of Cat Stone and Colorado Hemp Clothing:

Where Can I Buy Hemp Clothing? | Colorado Hemp Clothing

Guiding Principle 1:

We believe in creating hemp clothing for people who want natural, beautiful, comfortable clothing.

Where Can I Buy Hemp Clothing? | Colorado Hemp Clothing

Guiding Principle 2:

We care deeply about the environment and protecting the planet. Since hemp provides several types of durable fibers from plants that mature within 6 months, use of hemp fibers to produce everything from clothing to airplanes to toilet paper can help prevent clear-cutting forests that are needed to oxygenate the planet.

Where Can I Buy Hemp Clothing? | Colorado Hemp Clothing

Guiding Principle 3:

We support and advocate for American farmers. Growing hemp in the United States will provide a profitable, fast-growing crop for American farmers that does not require the use of pesticides. Growing hemp in the United States will help America’s farmers, and will create manufacturing jobs in the creation and production of hemp-based products.

Where Can I Buy Hemp Clothing? | Colorado Hemp Clothing

Guiding Principle 4:

Because of its many positive attributes: its fast growing cycle, its durable fibers, and the multitude of products that utilize the entire hemp plant, we advocate for hemp farming to be legalized in the United States.

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