Logoed Hemp Wear
Colorado Hemp Clothing offers logoed hemp shirts for eco-conscious companies that want to produce branded, logoed hemp shirts for their employees and/or customers. How does it work? Determine how many shirts you want, and in what sizes. Send us your logo or desired image (High-res PDF please), and color specs. We’ll print your image on our soft, comfortable, long-lasting hemp T shirts for use by your trade show team, service members who interact with the public, and for corporate gifts to your favorite customers.

In utilizing branded logoed T shirts made of hemp, you’ll be making a statement and reinforcing your commitment to the environment…to your employees, to your customers and prospects, and to the general public.

Our branded, logoed hemp T shirts are ideal for promotional needs, for employees to wear, and for holiday gifts.

Contact Us for quotes and minimums on branded hemp shirts.


Access this link to learn more about hemp, and its beneficial qualities.